Friday, June 24, 2022

Day 9: Mr. Toad

Day 9: Fantasyland

Day 9: Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

Day 9: Alice in Wonderland

Day 9: Anhai

Today was our last day in Disneyland and on the mission trip. We got up bright and early, though many of us failed to actually do that (totally wasn't me). After loading the van up with luggage, we rushed over to Disney. We spent the morning there doing various things like going on Hyperspace Mountain and the Alice in Wonderland Ride. At one o'clock, we met up and took a picture all together in front of the castle. Then we got in the van and started to head home.

As we drive back San Francisco/San Jose/San Mateo, I'm feeling really, really sad that the trip is ending. I've just graduated high school, and so this is my last day of my last mission trip (unless I "just happen to be in the same city" as the trip next year). As we get closer and closer to the end of our van journey, I keep wishing that we wouldn't arrive, so that I can spend a few more hours talking, singing and laughing with everyone in the car. I've been sitting here trying to write this reflection for a while, but I can't write down in words how much the people on this trip and our experiences together mean to me. I am going to miss this so much.

Day 8: Post Splash Mountain

Day 8: CA Adventure